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Carneghi Concepts is an established backyard design company with 15 years of design and construction experience. Our base is in South California with services reaching to Orange County, South Orange County, LA, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Comprised of expert and creative designers in the field with reliable profiles, we are a team built on trust and commitment.  We commit to add value to what you treasure, ease the decision-making process, and help make your visions come to life.  With your ideas and our experience, we will transform your existing yard to the outdoor paradise you have always dreamed about.


Every residential construction project requires architectural plans for your city (and homeowner’s association, if applicable). We create county, city, and homeowner's association compliant architectural plans for your construction project. These are detailed, to-scale plans that your builder will use for your construction project and that can be submitted to your homeowner’s association.  Having a plan with details such as materials, square footages, elevations, etc. helps level the playing field when getting bids as the contractors are now bidding from the same precise plan.

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